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Refugee Testimonies

Afia Abdo updated Picture_.jpg

Afrin, Syria 


“The first day I was in America was one of the worst days of my life. The very breath in my lungs was being sucked out. I wanted to get back on the plane. My husband told me God would take care of us. Then I met the people from WARM, and I felt accepted and loved. There was no fear in their eyes. Now they are family.”




"My nationality and where I came from did not matter to you. What you have done for me is like a seed you have sown and I have learned so much and I will do for others what you have done for me. Your efforts will not be in vain."

"Had it not been for WARM, we would not be standing here.”

“With God’s fortune, you embraced us.  How can we ever thank you enough for all you’ve done!  You have been extremely supportive through this difficult time.  We are delighted to have you in our lives.”

“Words are inadequate to express.  When I see the love from WARM, I can’t say thank you enough.”

“WARM is everywhere! From helping a mom learn English, teaching driving, helping move furniture, hosting a wedding party, bringing a baby shower to an expectant mom.”

Volunteer Testimonies


Holden, MA


"WARM rejuvenated my faith and provided a boots-on-the-ground experience of God’s purpose for me!  Praise the Lord! 


Charlton, MA


"Having just moved to MA, I was praying for a way to serve God in this area... I heard about WARM, and here I am.  I have been blessed by being able to serve in the Worcester mission field."

"WARM has provided the means for my husband and me to connect with folks whose lives have been challenged by war, persecution, and other trials.  It has helped us to become the hands and heart of Jesus Christ in a very tangible way."

"I have been blessed to meet so many lovely refugee families and become friends with them.  It’s also been wonderful to work with Christians from churches around the state."

"It has been a wonderful way to connect with other Christians who also want to serve refugees.  I have so appreciated all the support and teaching that I have received from everyone at WARM.  It has really been a bridge into the community of refugees and a growing experience as to how to share Jesus with our new neighbors.  Keep up the good work!"

"WARM has helped me to have a better awareness of the important role the church can have in loving the refugee community."

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