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See upcoming training workshops!

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What are the workshops like?

Typically, a workshop lasts about three hours. We discuss topics like…


  • A refugee’s journey to the U.S.

  • How resettlement agencies work

  • Developing healthy cross-cultural relationships

  • Building church teams

When is the next event?

We schedule workshops by request.


Check out our Events page, but if you don't see any upcoming training events, contact us to schedule one!

Individuals and families

Welcome! We’re excited to help you find your fit in refugee ministry. Feel free to sign up for any of our training workshops. We will try to connect you with others in your area, so you can have a better support network from other volunteers.

Church groups

There are people in your group with a variety of skills and interests. As each person shares their strengths, you will be able to support one another and be effective in long-term ministry.


If you would like us to plan a workshop for your church or small group, please contact us. Our goal is to come alongside you as you develop your own team to serve refugees in your community.

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