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Welcome! We’re excited to help you find your fit in refugee ministry. There are many opportunities for you and your church to get involved. A great first step is to fill out our volunteer inquiry below!

Check Out Our "Day In A Life Of A WARM Volunteer" Video



Be a Friend

There are many ways you can be a friend and mentor to refugees...


  • Enjoy a cup of tea together

  • Navigate the grocery store

  • Help with menu options on the phone

  • Try their delicious cooking

  • Teach English

  • Offer a ride to an appointment

  • Explain how to fill out a form

  • Give driving lessons

  • Be an advocate

  • Help with homework

You can get more information by submitting a volunteer inquiry below.



Contribute your time and resources to allow others to serve refugees more effectively.

  • Partner with us financially

  • Organize a fundraiser

  • Offer your building for a WARM meeting or event



Find other passionate individuals and church teams to serve and advocate for refugees.


  • Connect us with people who would be interested in refugee ministry

  • Be an advocate for refugees in your church

  • Request a training event for your church

  • Become a mentor to come alongside new volunteers

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